What is Kofu Sencha Reishiki originator?

The origin of Senchado(sencha tea ceremony)is based on Chinese tea culture brought in 1600s.
Intelligentsia like teachers,artist or writers accepted and arranged it as Japanese style.
Kofu Sencha Reishiki originator is in Kyotowhich acceded and has developed the tea culture not only as an art of ceremony but also as formal manners.
We aim to groom people with a true education which develop fair,confident and harmonious personality.

In 2000,head family of Kofu,were honored their achievement by the Emperor and invited to the imperial garden party.
The concept of Kofh Sencha Reishiki is getting more and more in request.
Class rooms

Sharing study,conversation,pleasure and effort each other.
Our school surrounded by nature's bounty of each season, used for the lessons,daily exercises and events in all over the country.
Learners practice the manners of the sencha tea ceremony,in addition to that they learn many things through extremely rich nature from season to season.
▲Seasons come-and-go make our school gorgeous.
皇風煎茶禮式宗家 Lesson and Events

Educating students through Kofu Sencha Reishiki has been produced and educated people by people from all years (infants to elders who are over a hundred) all over the world.
You can express your hospitality with graceful bowing, manners and appropriate demeanors.
Graceful doesn't mean stiffness.
Learning manners is important not only for lessons or ceremonies but also for your everyday life.
Manners make you mature and confident enough to be attentive.
That's the way to true beauty.
Kofu style procedure for making tea

皇風煎茶禮式宗家  The manners of Kofu Sencha Reishiki are organized to procedure in the tea ceremony using Gyokuro(best quality tea leaf), Sencha(most commonly used tea leaf,also used for guests),and Hojicha(roasted tea leaf) to learn the manners to be a beautiful person including beautiful and smooth hand movements, and natural body movements.

皇風煎茶禮式宗家 皇風煎茶禮式宗家皇風煎茶禮式宗家
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